The 12 Best Flute Books

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The flute is a mesmerizing and captivating instrument, capable of producing beautiful music. To get the most out of this amazing instrument, it’s important to have access to good resources that can help you learn how to play properly and accurately. Luckily, there are many excellent books available on the topic that provide detailed instruction and guidance for playing the flute. This article reviews some of the top rated titles from leading authors in the field, including 101 Disney Songs: for Flute; W61FL – Tradition of Excellence Book 1 – Flute; Trevor Wye – Practice Book for The Flute – Omnibus Edition Books 1-6; W21FL – Standard of Excellence Book 1 –Flute; and Fingering Chart for Flutes & Piccolo. With these recommended reads as your guide, you will be sure to make wonderful music with your flute!

  1. 101 Disney Songs: for Flute

    101 Disney Songs: for Flute
    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
    Published in 2018

    This collection of 101 Disney songs for the flute is a great purchase for any music enthusiast. Hal Leonard LLC has compiled a comprehensive selection of fan favorites that will keep you entertained and learning for hours on end. Whether it be Beauty and The Beast, Can You Feel the Love Tonight or A Whole New World, each song comes with simple yet effective arrangements to challenge every skill level from beginners to advanced players alike. What’s more, all pieces have been transposed into various key signatures meaning playing them sounds as close to their original recordings as possible! So why not grab your instrument now and begin exploring this magical world of music?

  2. W61FL – Tradition of Excellence Book 1 – Flute

    W61FL - Tradition of Excellence Book 1 - Flute
    Bruce Pearson, Ryan Nowlin
    Published in 2016

    Tradition of Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin is an innovative band curriculum designed to captivate today’s students. It features a comprehensive selection of music, as well as appealing visuals for smoother instruction with diligent review throughout the course. Additionally, it comes complete with INTERACTIVE Practice StudioTM technology which makes this one of the most popular methods available! Perfect for novices learning flute, this book offers simple songs that can be learned step-by-step; accompanied by an online code within its pages so learners have access to interactive resources. Furthermore, it’s affordable price point provides excellent value – making Tradition Of Excellence Flute Book 1 essential in any aspiring musician’s library!

  3. Trevor Wye – Practice Book for the Flute – Omnibus Edition Books 1-6

    Trevor Wye - Practice Book for the Flute - Omnibus Edition Books 1-6
    Trevor Wye
    Published in 2015

    Trevor Wye’s Practice Book for the Flute Omnibus Edition Books 1-6 provides a comprehensive and invaluable guide to mastering flute technique. This revised edition has been updated with clearer diagrams, improved musical notation and refreshed design. With one million copies sold worldwide, these books are essential for both amateur and professional players alike; offering advice on how best to practice in order to overcome technical difficulties. The book series forms an extensive reference source that covers all elements of playing the instrument from tone building exercises through to daily practice companionship. Highly recommended by experienced musicians, this omnibus contains everything needed to sharpen your flute skillset – allowing you to make great progress over time!

  4. W21FL – Standard of Excellence Book 1 – Flute

    W21FL - Standard of Excellence Book 1 - Flute
    Bruce Pearson
    Published in 1993

    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Books 1 and 2 are an all-inclusive guide to learning music, which makes it a great choice for musicians at any level. Combining performance-focused exercises with theory, history and ear training, plus composition improvisation, interdisciplinary studies and multicultural aspects; this book is the most comprehensive band method available on the market today. It features useful tips to help learners understand each step along their musical journey. A fingering chart in the back covers basic notes and fingerings used in primary band music making it perfect even for those just starting out or coming back after some time away from playing flute. With a mix of scales and short songs that keep students engaged throughout, this book has emerged as one of the top choices among teachers across the board!

  5. Fingering Chart for Flute and Piccolo

    Fingering Chart for Flute and Piccolo
    Helen Winter
    Published in 2021

    This book, Fingering Chart for Flute and Piccolo, is an invaluable resource to flutists at all levels. It contains 46 diagrams of fingering positions accompanied by pitch names and staff notations in a 4 octave range from C4 to G7 suitable both for the flute and piccolo instruments. The reverse side of each page illustrates the same fingerings on actual photos of the instrument itself with corresponding keys named beneath them. Its compact size makes it easy to cut out individual pieces or keep as a booklet; plus its dimensions (6.5×10 inches/16×25 cm) make it ideal for wall postings or large flash cards too! An essential accompaniment when learning this complex yet beautiful instrument, this product provides beginners with visual aid that more experienced players will also find extremely useful.

  6. Rubank Elementary Method – Flute or Piccolo

    Rubank Elementary Method - Flute or Piccolo
    A.. Peterson
    Published in 1990

    The Rubank Elementary Method book for Flute or Piccolo provides a great wealth of material to aid the learning process. It is suitable for individual and group instruction, with scales, arpeggios, technical studies, articulation exercises and solos included in its comprehensive pages. The perfect balance between challenge and reward makes this an excellent choice as both a self-taught guide or school band supplement. With clear fingering charts and helpful notations from previous users, beginners can progress through complex music theory without difficulty while experienced players can develop their artistry further. This well-rounded publication offers something for all levels of ability; it will help learners master the flute or piccolo quickly yet thoroughly – making beautiful music possible!

  7. The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers

    The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers
    Nancy Toff
    Published in 2012

    The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers, written by Nancy Toff, is a comprehensive guide to the instrument and its music. It covers everything from how it’s made and choosing an appropriate flute to caring for it; plus breathing techniques, vibrato articulation style performance recording history of different genres of repertoire solo chamber compositions fingering charts manufacturers repair shops sources for books clubs organizations worldwide digital recording technology baroque literature contrabass quarter-tone experiments purchase prices updated appendices – all in one amazing volume! This book will be invaluable to any serious flutist or teacher looking for a detailed sourcebook on this beloved instrument. With fresh insight into current practices and technologies as well as up-to-date information on repertoire catalogs, The Flute Book offers clear descriptions that even beginners can understand.

  8. Calm Forest: Native American Flute Songbook

    Calm Forest: Native American Flute Songbook
    Wojciech Usarzewicz
    Published in 2016

    “Calm Forest: Native American Flute Songbook,” by Wojciech Usarzewicz and Flute Craft, is an ideal guide for anyone starting out in the art of playing the Native American flute. This 78 page softcover book provides detailed instruction on breathing and playing techniques as well as decorations such as grace notes or thrills. It also explains how to use a Pentatonic scale up and down, making it easier than ever to play songs with ease. Furthermore, 20 beautiful original melodies are provided along with graphical instructions so that readers don’t even need to read music notation – there’s no better way to learn! On top of this, each song comes with its own real recording which can be listened to online for free; a great resource for any aspiring musician looking to immerse themselves within the world of Native American culture!

  9. Essential Elements Band with EEi

    Essential Elements Band with EEi
    Published in 1999

    Essential Elements for Band, published by Hal Leonard LLC, is an ideal resource for any beginning musician. It offers sound educational guidance through carefully-paced exercises and songs that can be used in a classroom setting or at home. This comprehensive book includes interactive tools such as activation codes to access the EEi app with accompaniments and tutorial tracks which are perfect for individual learning. With over a million products within its catalog covering all genres of music, this is sure to become your go-to guide when it comes to musical instruction! The contents found here provide students with total musicianship even at the start of their journey while also offering teachers valuable materials they can use effectively in teaching band and string instruments. Whether you’re a beginner picking up an instrument after years away from playing or need something more advanced, Essential Elements has something suitable for everyone’s needs – making it an essential part of anyone’s toolkit!

  10. Learn To Play The Native American Style Flute

    Learn To Play The Native American Style Flute
    Ami Sarasvati
    Published in 2019

    This book is the perfect guide for those wanting to learn how to play the Native American Style Flute. With no prior musical experience necessary, Learn To Play The Native American Style Flute takes you step-by-step through all of the basics and provides plenty of material with which to continue developing your skills. This little book contains numerous helpful resources such as free videos, pranayama breath control tutorials, notation reference sheets, Lakota Courting Song duet arrangements and more! Discovering your own personal heartsong through playing this beautiful instrument has never been easier – it’s a journey that awaits anyone who wishes to take it on! A must have for any aspiring NAF player.

  11. Selected Duets for Flute: Volume 1 – Easy to Medium

    Selected Duets for Flute: Volume 1 - Easy to Medium
    H. Voxman
    Published in 1993

    This collection of duets for flute from the classic Rubank series is a great resource for growing musicians. Volume 1 offers an enjoyable selection ranging from easy to medium difficulty, providing students with their first ensemble experience and introducing them to playing technique, tone quality, intonation and balance. With pieces composed by 17th & 18th century composers as well as modern works, this book also provides plenty of opportunities for sight-reading practice. It’s ideal for use in lessons too – perfect when wanting to end each session on a light note or enjoyably challenge more experienced players! Those looking to explore jazz styles could benefit from supplementing these duets with Hal Leonard’s Jazz Flute Duet Series. Highly recommended and sure to be enjoyed by all who pick it up!

  12. 40 Little Pieces in Progressive Order

    40 Little Pieces in Progressive Order
    Louis Moyse
    Published in 1986

    This book, 40 Little Pieces in Progressive Order, is the perfect resource for flutists of all levels. It covers a wide range of composers, including J.S Bach, Handel and Beethoven, as well as Mozart and Schumann. Each piece gradually increases in difficulty so that players can develop their skills over time. The sheet music has been laid out clearly with an accompanying pullout section for easier playing on the flute. Additionally there are CDs included to support practice sessions where an accompanist is not available – although some users have reported issues with them. All-in-all this book provides hours of enjoyment through a selection of classical pieces from great musicians which will challenge both beginners and more advanced flute players alike!

Additional resources

Here are some great resources to help you learn more about the flute:

  • Flutecraft Blog provides a range of articles, tips, and advice for flutists of all levels.
  • Flutetunes is an online music resource featuring a variety of flute music, from classical to contemporary.
  • University of Victoria Flute Homepage is a hub for flutists, featuring information about performance opportunities and flute courses.
  • SmartMusic Blog offers tutorials and resources for music educators and performers.

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