The 11 Best MySQL Books

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As the world of data continues to grow and become increasingly complex, it is essential that developers understand how to properly manage their databases. This article reviews some of the top books on MySQL – a powerful open source database management system used by organizations around the globe – offering insight into its features, as well as strategies for optimization, backup/restoration options and replication techniques. Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out with MySQL, these recommended titles will help equip you with the knowledge needed to effectively build and maintain your own database projects.

  1. Murach’s MySQL

    Murach's MySQL
    Joel Murach
    Published in 2019

    Murach’s MySQL is the ultimate guide for application developers and database administrators. This comprehensive resource has been updated to include new features of MySQL 8, such as window functions, Common Table Expressions (CTE), and roles for improved database security. It provides step-by-step guidance on essential SQL statements that allow users to have a MySQL database do their work for them, along with descriptions of classic and newer features like summary queries, subqueries, views and triggers. Additionally this book also covers design techniques using MySQL Workbench and basic DBA skills needed by any aspiring professional in the field. All in all it serves as an invaluable reference for anyone who works with databases – from beginners to experienced professionals alike!

  2. High Performance MySQL: Proven Strategies for Operating at Scale

    High Performance MySQL: Proven Strategies for Operating at Scale
    Silvia Botros, Jeremy Tinley
    Published in 2021

    High Performance MySQL: Proven Strategies for Operating at Scale is a comprehensive guide that teaches best practices in database security and stability, and advanced techniques to optimize service-level objectives. It covers server configuration and hardware optimization, as well as provides advice on designing schemas, indexes, queries, replication and high availability systems. This revised edition incorporates new features such as cloud-hosted MySQL services, InnoDB performance improvements and automated processes for traditional tasks. With insights from experts about scaling applications through load balancing or failover procedures this book can help any reader reach their platform’s full potential. High Performance MySQL offers readers reliable strategies to handle data platforms of any size with confidence while maximizing efficiency.

  3. Learning SQL: Generate, Manipulate, and Retrieve Data

    Learning SQL: Generate, Manipulate, and Retrieve Data
    Alan Beaulieu
    Published in 2020

    This comprehensive guide to SQL fundamentals, written by Alan Beaulieu, allows developers to efficiently generate, manipulate and retrieve data. Learning SQL is packed with illustrations and examples that offer readers a self-contained lesson on key concepts and techniques. The book also contains exercises which enable learners to practice their newfound skills. New chapters focus on big data analytics, working with very large databases as well as an introduction into the language of SQL itself. This text covers everything from basic commands through to more complex topics such as manipulating datasets using built-in functions or conditional logic in statements – making it suitable for users of all levels. With its comprehensive coverage ranging from core queries through database objects creation this book provides a thorough overview of what can be done with this powerful tool – perfect for those looking take control over their company’s incoming information flow.

  4. High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication

    High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication
    Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko
    Published in 2012

    High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication is an essential guide for those looking to maximize the power of their database. Written by experts Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko from Percona, this book provides detailed instructions on how to design schemas, indexes and queries; tune your server; scale applications through replication, load balancing and failover; take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs; optimize full text searches as well as other advanced querying features. This third edition contains up-to-date information on new mysql 5.5 features such as triggers and views along with backup strategies including hot online backups plus much more. With High Performance MySQL you will learn how to make the most out of your system in a safe yet practical way which makes it an invaluable resource for anyone working with databases – highly recommended!

  5. PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development

    PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development
    Jon Duckett
    Published in 2022

    Jon Duckett’s ‘PHP & MySQL: Server-Side Web Development’ is an exceptional guide that provides step by step instructions and practical code examples to help readers develop modern, database driven websites. It covers the fundamentals of PHP programming language and its use in storing information with a MySQL database as well as building applications from scratch. This full color book also contains inspiring visuals such as images, infographics and photographs which further aid in understanding key concepts. Furthermore, it presents techniques for creating content management systems like those seen on social networks where users can register themselves, upload photos/files or comment/like posts etcetera. With this comprehensive yet accessible reference tool at hand, developers will have all they need to build powerful webpages using PHP & MySQL.

  6. Front-End Back-End Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL

    Front-End Back-End Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
    Jon Duckett
    Published in 2022

    This three-book set provides an ideal platform for web designers, front-end developers and full stack developers. Combining the popular titles HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites (2011), JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Development (2014) and PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development (2022), readers can learn all aspects of creating websites from start to finish. Each book is organized into understandable chunks with helpful visuals throughout, making it easy to understand even complex topics such as SEO optimization or content management systems. Written by a best selling author on HTML and Javascript in the last decade, this 10 sentence review offers a comprehensive overview that makes these books perfect guides for any self taught programmer looking to better their skillset.

  7. MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning

    MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning
    Jesper Wisborg Krogh
    Published in 2020

    MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning, written by Jesper Krogh, is an invaluable book to help Database Administrators and SQL Developers increase the speed of their queries. It provides a multi-step process for users to identify slow performing queries which can lead to lost revenue and poor user experience. This guide offers guidance on how to analyze these queries using tools such as EXPLAIN ANALYZE and Visual Explain. Furthermore, it covers topics like indexing strategies, histograms for skewed data distributions, locks and investigations into lock contention – all contributing towards helping you get the most out of your computing resources with faster execution times. MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning is one of those books that no DBA should be without!

  8. PHP and MySQL Web Development

    PHP and MySQL Web Development
    Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
    Published in 2016

    PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fifth Edition is an essential guide for developers looking to create interactive web applications. Written by Laura Thomson and Luke Welling, this hands-on book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of PHP scripting language as well as instructions on setting up and managing MySQL databases. Security aspects such as authentication are also discussed in detail with step-by-step implementation examples. Additionally, readers will benefit from advanced techniques including image generation, session control integration with JavaScript and more. This updated edition includes features introduced in recent stable releases of MySQL through version 5.6 & 7 which makes it an invaluable resource for any developer working with these technologies!

  9. PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

    PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide
    Larry Ullman
    Published in 2017

    PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide, written by Larry Ullman, is an excellent book for web enthusiasts. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use PHP 7 and the open source technologies of MySQL to create powerful interactive websites without any limitations. The guide covers core topics from security to session management as well various programming techniques such as jQuery and object oriented programming. Alongside comprehensive examples demonstrating these concepts, readers will receive insight from a seasoned professional on database design which includes normalization principles. With over 400,000 copies sold worldwide in 20 different languages this publication is sure to assist anyone looking for guidance when creating dynamic databases driven sites with improved performance using PHP 7.

  10. Learning MySQL: Get a Handle on Your Data

    Learning MySQL: Get a Handle on Your Data
    Vinicius M. Grippa, Sergey Kuzmichev
    Published in 2021

    Learning MySQL: Get a Handle on Your Data is an essential guide for mastering the powerful RDBMS. This updated edition covers all of its important aspects, providing developers and DBAs with insights into setup, design, querying, monitoring/troubleshooting, security and tuning. Authored by Vinicius Grippa and Sergey Kuzmichev from Percona, it offers step-by-step instructions via code examples to help minimize costs while maximizing performance. Newer chapters explore high availability, load balancing and using MySQL in cloud environments. Those looking to gain knowledge about this crucial database system can benefit greatly from Learning MySQL’s wealth of information which includes best practices tips as well as troubleshooting advice.

  11. MySQL Pocket Reference: SQL Statements, Functions and Utilities and more

    MySQL Pocket Reference: SQL Statements, Functions and Utilities and more
    George Reese
    Published in 2007

    This pocket-sized guide provides an ideal on-the-job companion for MySQL administrators and programmers. It is well organized to help readers quickly find the desired statements, functions and utilities they need. Updated with information regarding complex features added to version 5.0 and 5.1 of the popular database system, this book explains how to configure MySQL as well as data types, SQL syntax, commands, operators and aggregate/general functions such as stored procedures and triggers. This portable reference covers all that one needs in order to work efficiently at any given moment; it fits into a pocket but offers comprehensive explanations when necessary – making it perfect for busy professionals who need fast solutions without sacrificing accuracy or depth of knowledge about the subject matter.

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